LAST UPDATED: 10-2-2021

State of the Reunion

The NASH Class of 1980 Reunion Committee has been monitoring the situation with the COVID pandemic and has been carefully weighing our options, with regards to either having or not having our reunion on the scheduled date(s) in October.

Currently, we have NO plans to cancel or reschedule our class reunion and as a united group, we are committed to moving forward with the event.

If you disagree with this decision, that’s fine. We will respect your decision to stay home…and we’ll miss your company.

If you DO decide to come and choose to practice social distancing and/or wear a mask, that’s your decision, and we will respect it. Some of us will be masked. Some of us won’t. Some of us may be vaccinated and some of us may not be.

But we WILL be implementing some basic precautionary procedures, including providing complimentary N95 masks at the door and hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue.

We have available space for up to 54 people outside on a nice patio connected to the enclosure for those wishing to be in an outdoor setting. And weather permitting, we can set up even more tables and chairs in a very nice lawn area adjacent to the patio.

(Even if the weather is a little nippy, having to don a sweater or scarf in order to be able to catch up with some classmates that we haven’t seen for over 40 years is a minor inconvenience.)

As of this writing, many sporting events are still proceeding, including NFL and even most high school games. On the weekend of our planned event, there are scores of college football games currently scheduled to take place. Additionally, there are church services being conducted on a weekly basis, weddings, seminars, and other events. Many of us still frequent crowded grocery stores, big box stores, and restaurants.

This event is to celebrate our 40th reunion. (Actually, now it’s our 41st. We had to cancel last year’s due to COVID.) If we cancel this one, who’s to say that we won’t have to cancel next year’s as well? This pandemic could possibly go on for a very long time!

We know of classmates that were planning on attending last year’s (postponed) reunion who are no longer with us. There may be some that will come to this year’s reunion that won’t live to make another. Life has risks. Each of us has to make our own decisions on how we live our life, with regard to those risks. We, as a group, have made ours.

If you choose not to attend, we’ll definitely miss you. And if you DO decide to come? We look forward to seeing you once more!


NASH Class of 1980 Reunion Committee

An event NEVER to be forgotten…

NASH Class Of 1980 “40-ish” Year Reunion